Hurting Distance


Hurting Distance CoverI was totally intrigued by this book from the very start. The feelings expressed at the beginning in the email to the Speak out and Survive website really set me thinking, and I wanted to know more about the writer and the experience she had that had made her put her thoughts on record.

The very title of the book was intriguing too – I kept wondering what the “hurting distance” was, but it was not until the very end that I fully discovered what that really meant. I had never considered that the closer the relationship was between people, there was more and more potential for deliberate hurt, either emotionally or physically.

The way the plot developed kept the attention of the reader, and opened up more and more puzzles to solve.

When Naomi Jenkins’ lover Robert failed to turn up for their usual Thursday meeting at the Hotel, and she had heard nothing from him for 3 days, she decides to go to his home. He had never told her where he lived, but she had secretly found his address. She looks through the window, and is absolutely shocked by something she saw in the living room – but she can’t remember what it was. She starts to run away but Robert’s wife Juliet had seen her and called her name, and tells her that she would be better off without him. Naomi hurries away, then worries that Juliet has harmed him in some way, so she decides to go to the police and ask them to investigate.

Naomi Jenkins has a Website, as she makes Sun Dials to order. Her friend Yvon, who had set up the website for her, was staying at her home, as she and her husband had split up. They talked, and she thought of another way to get the police to take her seriously, and try to find what had happened to Robert.

The relationship between Charlie Zailer, the Detective Sergeant and Naomi Jenkins becomes more and more intriguing as the plot thickens.

I thought this was a really fascinating plot, which was well developed, with real characters. The way in which they all came together was amazing, and I couldn’t put the book down.

The final solution to all of it was a total surprise. This was a real page-turner, and one of the best books I have read in the Book Club.

I will be looking out for more books by Sophie Hannah……..

Dorcas Walsh


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