Bradford – My City: exhibition extended

Bradford My City

There is still time to see Bradford My City pop-up art exhibition in Bradford Local Studies Library!  The exhibition now runs until the end of June.

The exhibition, curated by local artist Carmen Brown features a mixture of original art works representing Bradford’s history, heritage and inhabitants.

Featured artists include:

Carmen Brown

I have chosen to submit lino-prints and hand drawn illustrations. The lino-prints reflect more of the community of Bradford whilst the illustrations are the beginning of a short series called ‘Bradford Icons’. This project focuses on the people that make Bradford great and the more recognisable names from the city. I am inspired by illustrators such as Quentin Blake and Polly Nor.

BMC1CarmenBrownBMC2Carmen Brown

Carmen Brown

Saiyme Gultekin

I adore working with textiles and with Bradford’s important history in the textile and mill industry I thought this would be a perfect submission. I have used a combination of sewing machines and hand embroidery to represent the female form in an honest way. I use colour and strong lines to highlight certain features. Each time I look at this piece I feel like it becomes more of a self-portrait. Not only representing myself but the time I spent in Bradford.


Saiyme Gultekin

Chris Hester

I am a local photographer working mostly in the areas of Bradford and Halifax. I am inspired by other photographers to create snapshots of the cities and towns and their people. I also focus on architecture and nature.


Chris Hestor

Rachael Hewitt

My piece for this exhibition represents ‘Beulah the Bradford Boar’. ‘In the medieval ages, there was a fearsome boar whom terrorised the people of Bradford. The animal was a source of great mischief to Bradfordians. It brought terror to the peaceful flocks and ravaged the nearby countryside. But its worst attribute was that it went to the well in the middle of the woods and drank the water from it, meaning that the ordinary Bradford people refused to go anywhere near the well for fear of the boar harming them.’ (James Slater)


BMC5Rachael Hewitt

Rachel Hewitt

Geoff Latz

Geoff Latz is an ‘Upscaling’ artist based in Bradford, UK. He specialises in using scrap materials to create intricate pieces, often reflective of historic artefacts. The pieces for this exhibition include ‘Harmony’, a 3 figure sculpture depicting a family unit made from copper and steel wire and ‘Trojan Horse’ inspired by the story of Helen of Troy showing the soldiers who were hiding inside, climbing out of the horse.


Geoff Latz

Susan Meah

As a retiree I joined local art group in which I produced this portrait of my father-in-law in acrylic paint. He came from Bangladesh in the 1950’s working as a ships cook on the way. He came to Bradford to work at William Scrivens & Sons wool mill.



Susan Meah

Simon Sugden

I am a self-taught photographer. I started taking photographs 5 years ago, being inspired by the old architecture around Bradford and Yorkshire’s diverse landscapes. Currently I am working freelance around the Bradford and Leeds area. My photo of Crossley Evans scrapyard won the Light competition at the National Media Museum last year and my shot of Top Wier also recently won an award.


Simon Sugden

Kirstie Wright

I am a Bradford born artist designer illustrator; the art works submitted are original screen prints from hand drawn images of Bradford sights and cityscapes landmarks. These were a constant source of inspiration while in my first year of print making at Junction Mills in Bradford 2005.

BMC10Kirstie Wright

Kirstie Wright





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