WW1 Commemoration Reading Rug Drop-In

WW1 Reading Rug ~ July 2017Come along and be part of the WW1 Commemoration Reading Rug that Bradford Libraries has been making since June 2014. It has been designed by Bradford schoolchildren and to date over 1300 children from around the district have been prodding the rug, using tabs from old “T” shirts.

The rug is to commemorate the start and finish of the First World War and will be used as a story rug in libraries throughout Bradford. So many young lives were lost so that all of us could enjoy the freedom to sit in a peaceful environment listening to or reading a story. Bradford Libraries has been working in partnership with West Riding Ruggers to teach children traditional skills in order to be part of this legacy to those young lives.

Children, parents and staff are invited to come along to see how the rug is coming along and to have a go at “prodding” .

We will be at Bolling Hall Museum on Friday 28th July 1.30pm – 3.30pm. Free Drop-In Event.

For more information please contact: Christinea Donnelly Development Officer for Young People





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