A Gate at the Stairs

Gate at the StairsThis interesting story is woven around the life of the central character, Tassie Keltjin, college student and employee in the USA.

It powerfully covers her transition from being somewhat inexperienced and immature to an experienced mature woman. When she begins work as a part-time nanny to a seemingly sophisticated couple, the first day on the job could be described as an initiation process, a rite of passage. Tassie has to adapt quickly to the world of work and plane travel with which she is unaccustomed. She adapts well from country living to more city orientated living quite admirably.

The story is filled with accounts of the interesting characters she encounters, shocking revelation about her employers, the tragic death of her brother serving in Afghanistan. One particularly poignant part of the book highlights Tassie’s discovery of her beloved brother’s letter following his sudden death, a letter pleading for her help. Tassie strives to overcome the emotional pain of this discovery quite courageously.

This is a very vivid, riveting read which includes a mixture of contemporary US politics, race relations and the amazing spirit of Tassie, a very resilient character.

Shipley Reading Group


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