Creature of the Night

Creature of the Night coverThe trouble with marketing a book for a particular age group is that you can miss a good book. I never go to the teenage section and so would have missed this one. The cover of the book, the simplicity of the prose, the age of the characters, their interests and activities are all what you would expect for this age group. And yet, for me, it was a good read. I think that you have to like young adults otherwise the story will infuriate you – you even have to suspend judgement on the actions of young offenders. If you can do that then you will read a book which suggests, rather than spells out, reasons for the behaviour of all ages. People can be loveable, infuriating, good and bad all in the same day. And, as you would expect, the interaction of these characters is unpredictable.

The story centres on Bobby, a fourteen year old who has got in with a slightly older group. They commit a lot of offences and generally, but not always get away with it. Bobby’s home life is chaotic. He lives with his mum and young brother, there are no fathers around. His mum decides to move from inner-city Dublin to the country in order to stop Bobby’s lawbreaking. There they meet country folk who show them trust and respect. Now read on…

No answers or resolutions are given. But at the end you will have food for thought about how people live their lives.

Angela Greenwood


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