Deafening by Frances Itani

Deafening Cover

  • Very good at describing deafness and the horrors of the 1st world war, but too much description. 7/10
  • An excellent insight into what it means to be deaf, and also into the dreadful experiences of soldiers in WW1. A bit too much description. 7/10
  • Brilliant, characters were alive, it was moving and wonderful. 10/10
  • A triumph over adversity,her loss, her marriage and the devastating affects of the 1st World War. 8/10
  • An interesting book giving an insight into the life of a deaf girl in Canada. later she marries a hearing man, who leaves for the first world war and is away for 3 years. 8/10
  • A love story set in Canada, a six year old deaf girl learns to communicate, marries at the outbreak of world war 1,this is all very vividly described. 8/10

Burley Readers Group


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