Life Death Prizes

Funny, sad and heart-warming, a story of two orphan brothers, Billy aged 19 and Oscar 6, and how Billy takes care of Oscar, unconventionally, but with love. 8/10

Would not have finished reading this book if not reading it for the book group due to the ‘street language’ employed. Disliked the habits of the main protagonist and his friends, his only redeeming feature being his love for his little brother Oscar. It also seemed hardly credible that both Oscar and his brother should be so highly intelligent and that Billy should have such an informed opinion on everything! However, I did feel grateful the author allowed Billy not to have the normal life! Death! Prizes! outcome! 5/10

A story of modern life whose fortunes turned in a moment. Eventually a solution for the brothers’ future evolves and a promising future is on the horizon. 5/10

A novel showing how a young 18 year old man and his 6 year old brother cope with bereavement after the manslaughter of their mother. A very raw look at life, showing the seamier and criminal side. A story of love and coping with ‘authority figures’ and their judgement of a persons life. 6/10

Burley Library Reading Group


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