Madame Bovary

A disturbing tale of a disloyal and misguided woman. Her search for emotional happiness and an exciting life leading her into a miserable state and that of her husband ending with her tragic suicide and Bovary’s heartbreak. 5/10

At first I found the detail of life in provincial France fascinating, but I soon became bored with Emma Bovary and lost interest. 2/10

Most of the characters in the novel are selfish and self seeking, thinking only of their own pleasures and positions within the community. Emma is the most selfish neglecting her own daughter and husband. Bovary is very gullible and too trusting of his wife. Emma died in agony because of her own selfishness. Her daughter was left a pauper after Bovary’s death. I found the novel very depressing, though well written, with its description of French provincial life. 5/10


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