Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go

This book generated a lot of discussion! Opinions varied as to whether it was “a petty account of boarding school (Mallory Towers in the 1990s) which would only appeal to someone who was interested in teenagers” or a picture of everyone’s life, showing how we are all caught in society’s systems, with a lack of choice. Was it extrapolating the ideas of stem cell research, gene replacement therapy and organ donation to extremes?

The author chooses to reveal what is going on very slowly throughout the book so for much of the time the reader is questioning what is going on. There is a disturbing sense of menace underlying the mundane events which are described.

It was agreed that the book was well written and easy to read – several people recommended reading the book and watching the film as the latter helped to make sense of the former.

A good reading group book!

East Morton Reading Group

November 2011


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