No and Me

No and Me CoverNo is a homeless teenager living on the streets. Me is Lou, a highly intelligent 13 year old girl who comes from a loving caring family but which has become dysfunctional after the death of her infant sister. Her mother is now withdrawn and depressed. Her father copes the best way he can with a full time job as well as now being the carer of the family

Lou has seen homeless No in her neighbourhood. She decides to talk to her in order to research her chosen class assignment about homelessness.

That’s the start of the novel.

It’s an easy read, a page turner almost. I found myself trying to slow down in order to think about the many angles of the book. It warrants, I think, a re-read in order to pick up all the bits I missed first time around.

It is a book for all ages. I found myself remembering how I felt as a teenager: my strong clear opinions, a deep sense of outrage at injustices, a desire to help, hiding things which I knew the grown-ups would not understand.

So-called maturity muddles the minds of those of us who are older. We can see so many angles to a situation that we sometimes lose sight of the core issue.

It’s a book for the young too. I can almost hear a teenager who reads this book say “Yes, that’s how I feel”.

It’s about the complexity of situations; the process towards maturity, or is it disillusion?; violence, not just physical; and about how life changes all the time. No one ever knows what will happen next however much we try to control things. And so we feel helpless. Sometimes others appear not to understand what is happening in our lives but in fact are more compassionate than we realise. We misunderstand them.

I hope you will read it, enjoy it and find some food for thought.

Angela Greenwood

  • Beautifully written, funny in parts, also very moving. Different and interesting. 9/10
  • A moving story about two young girls, one lonely and one homeless. 8/10
  • Well written, could empathise with the characters- helped understand homelessness and problems with having a high IQ and emotional problems having lost a child. 9/10
  • Beautifully written and engrossing but language sounded strange due to characterisation. 8/10

It’s really unusual for us all to be in agreement!


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