The Crimson Petal and the White

Crimson Petal CoverThis novel is filled with fascinating characters who lead quite colourful lives. It is about intimate relationships, volatile emotions and your turbulent love.

Sugar, the central character, is placed at the heart of the story. She dramatically emerges from the drudgery of a repressive lifestyle having become romantically embroiled with the affluent Mr Williams. The story chronicles the progression of a sensuous risqué liaison experienced by Sugar and Mr Williams amidst a somewhat Victorian and Dickensian atmosphere within the confines of morbid realities.

Relevant issues in the novel include the concealment of an affair from Mr Williams’ mentally fragmented wife Agnes, the protection of Mr Williams’ reputation and social status, especially when he skilfully employs Sugar as a governess within his household.

This is a very well written masterpiece filled with powerful soul searching, romanticism and sentimentality. A thought-provoking compelling read.

Shipley Reading Group
April 2013

A compelling story with every minute of the time needed to read. Quite a few literary styles it can be compared to and much to discuss..A very special book.

Absorbing..Score, 10. A

Very well written account of a young prostitute who is intelligent and astute. She is able to exploit her wealthy client, manipulate him and use her power when circumstances are against him. The novel exposes all the hypocrisy of Victorian life. 9/10

Burley in Wharfedale library reading group


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